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Alternative Deposit and Withdrawl Methods

With Mastercard® declining gambling charges and Visa® doing the same players have had to find alternative methods to make deposits and withdrawls into and out of their casino accounts. Paypal® has pulled out of this market with their being bought out. Finding the 'right' new cash processor can be a daunting task. There are many in the market and new ones opening up seemingly every day. Some will survive and some will not. You will need to be careful and try those that fit your needs and offer services to the poker rooms you wish to play.

Below is a list, albeit not all inclusive, of some of the cash processing companies available today. Not all poker rooms accept all of them so you will need to check each of them out.

Many online poker rooms are offering some very nice extra bonuses for using the new funding options to give players an incentive to make the switch. Be sure to check out the poker rooms promotion page to find out what they are currently offering.

We will stress here, CHECK THEM OUT. Ask your friends. Talk to their and the poker rooms customer service to see if the service offered fits your particular situation and of any problems can be expected. Try them with SMALL deposits and withdrawls until you are comfortable with their service. CHECK for fees. Some of these places have reasonable fees and some do not.

READ the Terms and Conditions before signing up with any ecash processor.

PIC Club

An interesting new player in the payment processor field that uses 'shares' purchased by players as collateral and then the 'fund' the players bankroll
From their website:
"Following a membership agreement between you and the company and valid proof of identity, you will be given a poker playing bankroll up to an amount equal to the value of your available shares purchased. This bankroll will be secured by your shares. Per our agreement with you, we will sell your shares for you and deposit the funds received from that sell into your PIC affiliated Poker Room's account for you to play poker."

Quick Tender

Another e wallet that works with poker rooms and accepts US players. The catch is you need to be INVITED to join by a sponsoring program. Used mostly for payments rather than deposits.


Click2Pay is one of the newest and fastest growing payment methods available to onlinew poker players. They are accepted by more rooms and online casinos every day and offer you a wide variety of deposit and funding methods.


An online transaction provider that allows transfers between your bank account or credit card to its online wallet service. You can make deposits and withdrawls direct to your favorite merchants with ease..


INSTADEBIT is the safe and secure way to make payments online using funds in your bank account. It is free to sign up...There are no transaction fees ever charged to you...You can pay directly from your bank account...The merchants have no access to your private information...It's easy to use - it's really just like writing a check.


Entropay is a virtual pre-paid VISA card, Pay virtually anywhere online, just look for the VISA symbol. EntroPay now offers Bank Transfer.


Purchase a long distance prepaid phone card by Visa or eCheck and use the balance to fund your account and withdraw balances back to the phone card.


A new comer that is gaining fast acceptance due to it's regulation by the UK government. Moneybookers enables any business or consumer with an email address to securely and cost-effectively send and receive payments online, in real time. No US player transactions are accepted


eWalletExpress is an easy to use, fast and secure ewallet account that enables members to deposit and withdraw funds instantly.


900pay is really multiple deposit methods in one. Depending on the amount you want to deposit, you can either use 900pay to charge the amount to your home phone bill, or TeleBuy to transfer funds from your checking account to your casino account. You do not need a credit card to deposit funds using TeleBuy/900pay.


Central Coin is a personal payment account that can you fund without having to pay additional service charges. Central Coin connects internet users and merchants by providing a quick, secure and reliable system to transfer cash over the internet. There is no need to worry about revealing your credit card to any online merchant. You can fund your Central Coin account with your Visa or using the new E-Check feature, from your bank account.


Citadel is the name of the latest system to transfer funds to online casinos. The Citadel System enables you to send electronic checks to be deposited into your casino account. However, in order to use Citadel as a purchase option, you must have a checking account with a financial institution in the United States.


WebDollar brings safety and security to the Internet by enabling secure credit card and electronic transactions. All transaction information sent through the Internet is safeguarded by a reliable encryption technique based on complex mathematical algorithms. Generally used at Boss Media casinos.


If you are serious about playing or you plan to play often you NEED a Neteller account. It is accepted by EVERY major poker room online and is the main payment method currently in use. NETeller provides the fastest and most secure way to transfer cash online. NETeller provides same-day payments and virtually instant cash transfers. You pay no charges for transfers to and from Merchants. They no longer take any transfers to gaming merchants from US based players.

ACH - This is a direct transfer of cash from your bank account to that of the casino.

Direct Bank Transfer

Some casinos will allow you to add credits to your account using a bank transfer. To do so, you simply need to contact the casino by phone or by email. They will then provide you with all the details you need to initiate a bank transfer from your bank account to your casino account.

BITCOIN accepted here.
NO bank hassels, NO credit cards declines or delays.