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Poker and Discipline

Discipline is the key to success in all lifestyles and it holds true for the game of poker as well. The poker professionals say that discipline is the deciding factor in your success at the game of poker. Chances are that a skilled poker player with an enviable win percentage might end up losing a lot of money just because of undisciplined playing approach.

You should try to avoid taking drugs or excessive drinking while you are playing poker. Another important factor is that you should take proper rest in between the games and should be properly relaxed and in a positive frame of mind whenever you reach the poker table.

It is true that it is very difficult to maintain your calm and composure if you win two-three games of poker in a row or you lose a few consecutive games. However, this basic factor determines your outcome from poker.

Even a skilled poker player cannot take in his stride a couple of losses in the game of poker and the situation aggravates if the loss is to a relatively weak player. The player starts playing aggressive, undisciplined game, making mistakes, and taking bad decisions. This leads to deterioration in the quality of the play and loss of substantial money. The line that divides a professional poker player from a novice is the ability to play a disciplined game all the times and not most of the times.

Trying to get even is the natural reaction when you are losing a couple of games and that endeavor turns your excitement into paranoia. However, the professionals discipline themselves in adverse situations and accept the luck factor. They are not intimidated with a single win or loss and realize that poker is not a game where one session decides their outcome; rather they play the game of poker with along term perspective.

Discipline is more important factor if you are playing a pot-limit poker game. Generally, the people tend to raise the pot value in all the subsequent games if they lose two or three games in order to recuperate the loss of initial games. However, if the loose the next game as well, they stand to lose substantial amount of money.

Professionals emphasize that if you have a bad day and you lose a few games initially it is very difficult to even out in limit poker game. In such cases, you should consider “stop loss”. You should consider playing tight and bluff less often if you are having a bad day. You should maintain your calm and enjoy your game even if you are not having your best time.

Do not get excited if you are losing money against a weak player and you should consider that money as a loan to that person which would be returned back to you with interest if you play your best game with a disciplined approach.