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Throughout the world, poker tournaments have become a very popular sporting event. Whether playing in a major tournament or just for fun, poker is an exciting activity. If you are interested in improving your current game, you can with practice, determination, and good strategies and tips. One strategy that many players ignore has to do with the player’s position at the poker table. Think about real estate. The number one thing you hear is “location, location, location.” With poker, it is “position, position, position.”

Generally, a player will go to his or her favorite casino, walk in, find a table, and then sit down next to family or friends. Other players find a table and wait to sit in a specific seat that they consider as “lucky”. Although in both cases, the player made their decision based on preference and not strategy. Do not think for one minute that your position at a poker table makes no difference because it does.

To help you choose the right position at a poker table, consider the following scenarios:

If you sat down at a table with an aggressive player that raised bets often or a player that had a large stack of chips, you want to sit to their right. In this case, if you are dealt a large hand or even Aces, when the aggressive player raises the bet, more money is available from calls around the table. This allows you to raise your bet even more by the time it is your turn. While this could be advantageous, keep in mind that money, not action that moves clockwise. Therefore, each time you call an insignificant hand hoping to see a flop, the aggressive player on your left will act next. This could leave you to make a decision of passing, leaving money in the pot, or paying out more money to see a flop than what your hand is worth.

To have the advantage of seeing when the aggressive player is going to raise, you need to sit to his or her left, not right. In addition to knowing the amount of your next bet, it will now be your choice of when play. If a player is sitting with a huge pile of chips, all those chips will end up “moving” clockwise toward you.

Never underestimate the importance of the table position. Unfortunately, you do not always have a choice of where to sit but when you do, take it. With poker, the key to winning is to know how to work the game, how to outplay your competition. Therefore, use all of your strategies when it comes to betting, calling, folding, bluffing, and so on but also, never forget about the value in sitting at the right position.