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Changing Style of Play to Suit the Game

Every one of us has a unique poker playing style so it’s also true to say that all of our opponents have the same unique style. Changing our game in order to match our own strengths and weaknesses and those of our opponents is a much-lauded strategy. However, it is one that is generally conceived as being an insurmountable task. It is possible, though, to change your game in order to beat your opponents whether you’re playing a game at home with friends, in a local card room or casino, or in a major tournament. It is certainly something you should master in order to win more games and, more importantly, more money.

The Different Weaknesses

You will come across three different styles of player, each with their own weakness. Players call, fold, or bet too often. The first step is to recognize which of these weaknesses each of your opponent has. This should be easier than you might first imagine. It is simply a case of carefully watching the game you are playing.


A lot of players fold too many hands. They fold hands that are useless, they fold hands are mediocre, and some fold hands that would win the vast majority of games. Recognizing these players should be easy enough. They’re the ones that are never involved in showdowns. Many try to fold through until they’re one of the last players standing but then struggle to change their game in any way. Learn to steal the blinds from these players and develop your short-handed play because you will be involved in hands with only very few players.

The Lunatics

Playing against the loose, aggressive maniacs of the poker world is almost a dream. They bet far too often, raise far too often, and hardly ever fold. At first glance this type of game can seem unappealing but tighten up your game and play your good hands. When you get a winning hand you will be on for a huge payload because the maniacal players around the table will happily bet along with you and raise the pot.


Rocks are those players who just sit there, playing way too tight and not showing any interest whatsoever in participating in the game itself. You will notice that rocks do a lot of their best work against the maniacs, because they can exploit the weaknesses of those players. All in all, the rocks are usually people who are too scared to lose their bankroll or else they have a personal objection to taking risks. Rocks are very dangerous in their own right, though. You can manipulate them for a while, but every now and then, rocks will have the cards and they will bust you. A smart rock is the player who will sit on his hands until the time is right, when he strikes and takes your entire stack.